American Express at Clayton Williams and Five Star Gardens

On a recent Thursday afternoon where rain threatened to spoil the day, 40 American Express volunteers toiled away at Clayton Williams and Five Star, Gardens. This feat was the result of a great deal of planning and coordination between NY Cares, The Manhattan Land Trust and American Express Staff. Clayton Williams gardeners had been struggling with a muddy garden path all season and longed for a solid gravel path. In addition to the installation of the gravel path volunteers worked alongside gardeners to rat-proof the periphery of the garden and weeded and mulched all flowerbeds. Work simultaneously occurred at Five Star Garden several blocks away where volunteers sand-grouted a brick patio, prepped an area to be planted with grass, planted evergreen shrubs and waterproofed the gazebo. When it began to rain halfway through the workday, volunteers donned rain ponchos and continued to work. In the end, the sun came out and saved the day and a great deal of work was completed at both gardens.