Peter Moves on from The Bronx and Manhattan Land Trusts

harvesting from Carver garden

For the past year the Bronx and Manhattan Land Trust has been honored to work with Peter Shenk Koontz. Peter arrived in NYC from his home-state of Indiana last August and came to BLT and MLT via his Vista sponsored position with the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. He enthusiastically jumped into his role and wore many hats at the Bronx and Manhattan Land Trusts; Blog and Database Developer, Public Relations Guide, IT Expert, Community Organizer, Neighborhood Network Founder, Carpenter, and Urban Gardener. In the year that he served with us his commitment and dedication touched the lives of many Manhattan and Bronx residents. Later this month Peter and his wife Kelly will travel to Afghanistan where they will begin three years of service with Mennonite Central Committee. They will be working with an Adult Education Program and serving as ‘Adult Peacebuilding Education Coaches.’  They will be partnering with an NGO that has been serving Afghans for the last 45 years and is the longest continuously serving, capacity building NGO in Afghanistan. We wish Peter and Kelly success in their future endeavors with MCC and look forward to the day that they return to New York to visit the lifelong friends they’ve made here.


Compost Bin Build at Carver Garden

We had a great workday last week as we built a new three-bin compost system at Carver Garden in East Harlem.  The bin build was sponsored by the NYC Compost Project in Manhattan, hosted at the Lower East Side Ecology Center, with technical assistance from Charlie Bayrer, of Earth MatterContinue reading

New Beds @ Carver Community Garden


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Yesterday, we had an incredible workday at Carver Community Garden in East Harlem.  We had an awesome group of volunteers from Fried Frank serving through New York Cares.  We got an incredible amount of work done including: deconstructing the old … Continue reading

Rebuilding raised bed at Carver Community Garden

Tuesday morning we rebuilt one of the large beds at Carver Community Garden, in East Harlem, that is used by Nourishing NYC.  Check out Nourishing NYC’s blog post about their recent earth day event at Carver Garden. We had some great volunteers from Nourishing NYC and Odyssey House that helped make the project go smoothly.  We also had the opportunity to get a workout unloading a truckload of lumber for an upcoming workday.  Since Carver’s delivery gate is blocked by construction, we had to haul the lumber from the bus stop at the end of the block.  Thanks to all of the great volunteers!

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